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Project Wingman is a tailored coaching experience launched from the HoldFast Fleet of services for high-performance leaders. PursuingElite is the flagship keynote presentation of the HoldFast Speakers bureau and has been heard by more than 250,000 leaders in businesses.


Tailored // Inspired // Designed

Based on the award-winning and highly-acclaimed PursuingElite presentation, Project Wingman allows leaders to integrate thoughtful and proven veterans of the special operations and intelligence community into their roundtable of trusted advisors (personal trainer, mentor, peer group, etc …) as they pursue their goals and objectives. Accessing the performance parallels, and exportable knowledge of decades of experience in “no fail” missions helps shape and sharpen Project Wingman participants for their own “no fail” moments. 

About Clint

Meet your Wingman

Clint Bruce, HoldFast founder and speaker, brings more than two decades of personal experience and observations in elite athletics (a collegiate and professional football player), special operations (Former Navy SEAL officer), business (founder of multiple companies), and philanthropy (founder of Carry the Load)  to this presentation.


Special Operations personnel, in our best application,

are force multipliers. 

Great commanders recognize the need for force multipliers. Project Wingman acts to provide these multipliers by connecting leaders with individuals who: 

Amplify current efforts   ||   Produce higher output   ||   Effect faster and more lasting success.

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 Our Wingman clients use HoldFast MainSail Speaking content to support you for proven performance.


Wingman clients with actionable plans and helpful resources we’ve relied on ourselves on the ballfield, battlefield, boardroom, and breakfast table.


When you’ve achieved milestones or when you know our voice can be a meaningful part of the chorus.

ProjectWingman//For Coaching
ProjectWingman//For Teammates
ProjectWingman//To Celebrate

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