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MainSail Speaker Series

PursuingElite is the flagship keynote presentation of the HoldFast Speakers bureau and has been heard by more than 250,000 leaders in businesses such as: JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, Apollo Global Management, Wells Fargo, Southwest Airlines, Coca-Cola, TIAA, 30 of 32 NFL Teams, multiple NBA Teams, and numerous NCAA Division 1 Athletic Departments.

Pursuing Elite: The 5 ‘gifts’ of Elite Achievers 

The Archer and the Arrows: The Art of Difference-Making

The Achieving Average: Angles, Allies, and Advantages of Elite Achievers. 

Championing: It’s a Verb


Pursuing Elite

The 5 ‘gifts’ of Elite Achievers 

​In any pursuit, you can only have one of five outcomes:


Bad, Average, Good, Excellent, or Elite.


If the endeavor is your passion or profession, the only acceptable result is somewhere between excellent and elite.


The PURSUING ELITE presentation will teach through the five gifts that elite achievers share:


-  Balanced

-  Curious

-  Tribal

-  Intentional

-  Authentic

TheArchers & The Arrows

The Art of Difference-Making

​Promotion in life and business is a natural benefit of hardwork and dedication. It can also be a challenge, evolving from DOING the work to LEADING the workers. 


This challenge is captured in the analogy of archers and arrows. Effective arrows fly straight and strike the target. Effective archers have a variety of targets in sight, and a quiver full of arrows ready to strike.


The ARCHERS AND ARROWS presentation will teach through the Archer's Process:


-  Pick: Talent selection

-  Pull: Training the talent

-  Pause: Aiming the talent

-  Release: Trusting the talent

-  Reload: Scan for the next challenge

Bow & Arrow
Running Outdoors

The Achieving Average

Angles, Allies, and Advantages of Elite Achievers.

A presentation on average achievement?


No! - This is a presentation on how to make the most of average talent and giftings and still achieve to the highest version of yourself. 


The ACHIEVING AVERAGE presentation teaches how to cultivate the three most important tools to breaking through 'average' and achieving to elite levels in business, sports, or whatever the endeavor. 



-  Angles

-  Allies

-  Advantages


The Art of Difference-Making

Championing examinse the qualities and habits exhibited by people who produce winners over and over again. When we view the pursuit of repeat successes, we view this as a verb - championing - where we distill the elements that, when combined, create legendary results.

In this presentation, we discuss the Core4 in the lifestyle of becoming a champion:

-  Passion

-  Talent

-  Precision

-  Endurance


Want to Continue your Journey?

Explore Project Wingman to take the experience farther and apply these lessons year round with your personal wingman to support you at home, work, and all areas your lead.

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