Welcome to HoldFastHQ.

We are in the midst of refitting and recalibrating the good ship HoldFast. Our proven speakers have served America's best leaders and businesses since 2010. We want to distill all we have discovered this last decade into more powerful tools and programs for leaders and companies to use as they navigate through challenging and exciting seas. 
It is a privilege to share with you all we've learned along the way.  As Veterans of our special operations community and every branch of the U.S. Military - we trust only truths proven in the toughest of circumstances.  We've also earned much from you in this last decade - so it is only natural for us to pause and thoughtfully bring our lessons closer to your world. 
Please bear with us as we build this virtual harbor reflective of all we can do for a leader like you. The site is under construction, but our speakers are underway - so please connect with us and let us know what we can do for you. 

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