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Welcome to HoldFastHQ 

Since 2011, HoldFast clients have listened to HoldFast Speakers share proven truths from their experiences on the ballfield, battlefield, boardroom, and breakfast table.


The PursuingElite presentation, and PursuitPoints described, have weathered the test of military adversity, professional challenges, and family dynamics while pursuing a life to be proud of. For years we have been asked about longer term personal and professional performance coaching at the individual level.

MainSail Speaker Series

The HoldFast programs offer clients the opportunity to launch on a voyage of personal development accompanied by proven special operations veterans plotting a course through the PursuitPoints.



The 5 ‘gifts’ of Elite Achievers

ARchers & Arrows

The Art of Difference-Making

AChieving Average

Angles, Allies, and Advantages of Elite Achievers


It’s a Verb

What does it mean to Hold Fast?

In the nautical world, the term "hold fast" is used to notify the crew when rough seas and bad weather are ahead. When one hears that cry, each crewmember is to echo that warning to those around and grab ahold of something that will withstand the coming storm.   


Challenges and obstacles are ahead - are you ready to hold fast?

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Project Wingman


The mission of Project Wingman is to weave thoughtful and intentional curriculum, conversations, and “course corrections” into already high performing lives that result in the “better, faster, stronger” person we want to be, and those who depend on us need us to be.

plane wings
Aerial Boat Shot

Captain's Course

During the Captain’s Course, your young leaders will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with decorated combat veterans and storied leaders in the clandestine intelligence community. Our HoldFast Cadre will share real-world experiences where the PursuitPoints (Balance, Curiosity, Tribalism, Intentionalism, and Authenticity) and offer hard-earned insights that can be actioned on immediately at work and home. 

21 To


 Help us in the fight again veteran suicide.

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